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Real Estate & Investments

AGATE focus is to be innovative and flexible

Our firm’s focus is to be innovative and flexible in the modern market, we always looking for the best breed of properties in the world.                                    
Being passionate in the real estate industry we can offer you the best service in any aspect, would it be the initial purchase, sourcing the dream property or looking after the existing asset.                                    

We are able to assist in a number of ways:

  •    Identify and source the best appropriate estate
  •    Review ownership and structure
  •    Organise purchase matters
  •    Source the best Insurance
  •    Organise third party expert review, management, tenants and other relevant factors
  •    Review and consolidate financial and reporting matters
  •    Appraise and reorganise insurance arrangements
  •    Identify new investment opportunities and joint ventures
  •    Coordinate developments projects
  •    Arrange Risk analysis
  •    Estate structuring
  •    Arrange and overlook Tax matters – make sure its tax compliant
  •    Tailor the service to the client’s needs